Blackbird Pie Lullabye

from by Limpid Green

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A Mother Goose mashup, read to us again by by Ruth Golding, just like Mom used to.


Sing a song of sixpence
A pocket full of rye
Four and twenty blackbirds
Baked in a pie
When the pie was opened
The birds began to sing
Wasn’t that a dainty dish
To set before the king

The king was in the counting house
Counting out his money
The queen was in the parlour
Eating bread and honey
The maid was in the garden
Hanging out the clothes
When up came a blackbird
And nipped off her nose


This is the farmer selling his corn
That catched the cock that crowed in the morn
That waked the priest all shaven and shorn
That married the man all tattered and torn
That kissed the maiden all forlorn
That milked the cow with the crumpled horn
That tossed the dog
That worried the cat
That killed the rat
That ate the malt
That lay in the house that Jack built

Thy father watches the sheep
Thy mother is shaking the dreamland tree
And down falls a little dream on thee
Sleep, baby, sleep

The large stars are the sheep
The wee stars are the lambs, I guess
The fair moon is the shepherdess
Sleep, baby, sleep

Hushabye baby on the treetop…


from The Bush Willie, released December 27, 2013
Words by Mother Goose
Voiced by Ruth Golding

Drums & Percussion by Bernard Olson
Guitars, Basses, Synths & Production by Gregor Mathieson




Limpid Green Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our music always starts as impromptu sketches. Sometimes we embellish them by mixing and matching clips or by adding found- sounds. Lyrical content comes from out-of-context dialog of many diverse sources.

Greg Mathieson
guitars, synths, bass, electronics, devices, mixing, post-production

Bernard Olson
drums & percussives, synths, electronics, mixing
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